ESD #6 Strategic Planning Committee – Seeking Volunteers

Strategic Planning Project 

Committee Volunteer Information Sheet

The Comal County Emergency Services District #6 Commissioners are embarking to develop a strategic plan to assist them in meeting today’s requirements and to prepare for future requirements.  To develop the strategic plan, the Commissioners are seeking volunteers from key stakeholders and citizens-at-large to form a Strategic Planning Committee that will be chaired by an ESD #6 Commissioner. (click here for more information: ESD#6 Info for Strat Plan commitee )

If you would like to volunteer as a committee member, please complete the Volunteer Form (click here for form  click here for form    ESD#6 Strat Plan commitee mbr  ) and return as indicated. 

Volunteer’s names will be presented to the Comal County #6 Commissioners for approval.  You will be contacted following submission of your volunteer form.

Thank you for your interest in our community!