The Comal County Emergency Services District No. 6 (ESD No. 6) (a component unit of Comal County) is a political subdivision of the State of Texas and was created by the Comal County Commissioners’ Court after a Public Election in 2003. The District was created to provide emergency services and promote public safety, welfare, health, and convenience of persons residing in the District.

Emergency Services. ESD No. 6 provides for 24/7 emergency services that include Fires Services (Fire Prevention & Suppression) and Emergency Medical Services (Treatment & Transport).


Service Providers:

Bracken Volunteer Fire Department (BVFD)

Bracken Volunteer Fire Department (BVFD) – fire suppression, technical rescue, hazardous materials, first response (EMT certified fire crews), public education, emergency management incident coordination, and pre-Incident planning, and fire hydrant flow testing.


Schertz EMS

Schertz Emergency Medical Services (EMS) – emergency medical treatment and transport related services.

Comal County Fire Marshal